Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You have a great business. Your website is top-notch. Yet, you aren’t getting more customers. Why is that? It’s not the quality of your work or your website. This happens to companies all the time. The problem is that you lack the right Search Engine Optimization or SEO. Utilizing SEO, you can drive more customers (and potential customers) to your website. That way, you can get more overall customers. SEO is the process by which your website (and by extension, your business) gets in front of more people. We can make sure that more people see it than ever.

Search Engine Optimization Explained

The idea behind SEO is pretty simple. When you search for something online through a search engine, you get the most popular responses. SEO is a process that influences where a website appears in those results. Companies with great SEO appear towards the top, in some of the earliest (or highest ranking) responses. Businesses without SEO, however, no matter how great their business may be, appear later on, towards the bottom, essentially out of sight. You don’t want that.

You might ask: “well, why does this matter?” Think of any internet search that you’ve done. Odds are, you didn’t scroll and scroll through all of the websites that came up before you picked one. Studies have shown that most people don’t keep looking after the first few websites. In fact, those same studies have shown that people often don’t look past the first website at all. That’s how important SEO is. It can be the difference between getting a customer and not, making a profit and not. Using SEO the right way can get you and your company the most out of your unpaid and organic search results.

How Much SEO can Affect your Ranking

Every single second there are, on average, forty thousand search queries on Google. Through the course of 24 hours, that’s over three and a half billion searches. Now, obviously, not all of those people are searching for your business, or for a company that provides the services that yours does. However, odds are that plenty of people are looking for your company. Ask yourself: if they were looking for what you provide, how good are their chances of finding you? With the right SEO, they can. Without it, they probably can’t. It really is that simple.

Poor SEO may seem like the kind of thing that can’t be measured, but it actually can. You can see it in web traffic that’s stagnant at best, or declining at worst. You can see it in sales that are anemic and stay there. Without being able to cast a wide enough “net” for potential customers, odds are that your returns will be minimal. In the end, SEO is about maximizing your opportunity to reach new customers. Backed by the proper SEO, you can put your company in front of more people that it can help.

The Secret of our SEO Success

Over the years, we’ve helped so many companies to climb higher in their search engine rankings. Our portfolio is vast and varied, and we’re always glad to pass it along to those who are considering working with us. The real “secret” behind what we do is that we take everything into account. We don’t just limit our SEO to one thing, or even a handful of things. We take everything into consideration.

That means that we include your website, your social media, your business reputation and more into your SEO. That, (and some other techniques our professionals utilize) is how we’re able to make sure that your business gets boosted up the organic search engine rankings. That’s how we’re able to make sure that you climb higher and higher on major maps and web directories. Your company is too good at what they do to languish at the bottom of the search engine directories. We can help you to get where it belongs.

Certified Google Partner

Our company is a “Certified Google Partner.” While you may not know what that means, you probably know that there aren’t many of us around. We’re one of the select, fortunate few companies that Google shows how the algorithms work. Think of it like a car engine: they open up the hood of Google to us, showing us how absolutely everything works. Now, we’re able to bring that experience to your company. We know exactly what it takes to make your company rank higher, and can help you accordingly.

One way we’re able to do so is through Advanced SEO keyword analysis. As we have access to the most powerful analytic tools in the industry, we’re able to track the keywords which perform best. So, when you come to us, we put our SEO experts to work on finding the keywords which are searched the most, are the most highly competitive and have the best chance of converting into sales for your company. By that same token, we also look for some of the least competitive, too -- so that you’re able to get as many potential customers as possible.

SEO Experts on Your Side

We know that the temptation to hire a freelancer to do your SEO is great. It may be cheap, they may talk a good game, but in the end... You’re going to get what you pay for. SEO isn’t something that can be “thrown together.” To get the results your company deserves, it has to be crafted and then implemented properly. We have a team of experts who can do exactly that.

By focusing on content marketing, integrating digital advertising alongside map listings and even local targeting, we can get your SEO off and running. We also include social media, reputation management, press releases, and public relations strategies all with the goal of making your company rise up to where it should be. When you’re ready to get your SEO working properly, message us through our site or call us at .

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