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Standard Vehicle Definitions Leads to Data Cooperation

Part of the difficulty when dealing with wheel fitments is everyone seems to want to define vehicles slightly differently. Now there is a standard that is meant to be used to handle this -- ACES/AAIA -- and now we can match any fitment guide to work within the ACES standards. This ensures the most consistent applicability and coverage for North America, Canada, and Mexico.

Integrations You Control

More than just a widget that seems disconnected from the rest of the site, the Wheel Studio is completely modular, allowing you -- as the site owner -- to have complete control over the different elements of the system (vehicle selector, vehicle image, and product results). You can position these anywhere on your site, and even interact with each element separately.

Want to show just the vehicle/wheel preview images in a modal?

Want to use your own vehicle selector, but still have a full-fledged configurator?
No problem.

Want to just show results and create a brand page showing all wheels for a given brand?

This is not a typical widget -- this is a platform that feeds your site content to use as you see fit.

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