Google Ads are some of the most powerful tools available to drive traffic, increase conversions, and boost sales to your site. However, just like any other tool, they have to be utilized properly. If they aren’t, it can actually hurt your business, costing you money without making some in return. But, when they’re utilized by trained professionals, they can help your business like few other tools can. 

Google Ads Explained

These ads are developed by Google, to be their online advertising platform. The idea is that companies pay for these brief advertisements to be displayed. These ads can cover essentially anything: product listings, service offerings, videos or even mobile application installs. You’ve seen these ads on so many different kinds of pages, you might even have seen them on your way to this page. They show up basically anywhere within the Google ad network. 

“Why Would I Want These Ads?” 

That’s probably the most common question we’re asked about these ads. These ads have many positive benefits that few other kinds of online ads can match. One of the most powerful things about these ads is that they make it possible to target potential customers dynamically. No matter where your potential customers might be online, these Google ads can find them, and draw them to your site. 

You might think that your potential customers are difficult to reach, but these ads can find them. Used properly, these ads make it possible to find customers essentially anywhere on the net. You know your business. You know the kind of people who are going to be looking for your business. So, with these ads, we can put your company in front of them. 

For example, you know whether your company appeals more to men or to women. You also know if your business is more for men or women of a certain age, as well. On top of that, you probably have a pretty good idea of where your potential customers are located. Perhaps you’re a local business, that draws in from the community. If so, we can target your ads to people within the community. However, perhaps your service is one that’s provided online, so you don’t have a physical “showroom” that you’re trying to draw customers to. That’s fine, too. Using these ads, we can target customers who are located in the kinds of zip codes and neighborhoods that would be more conducive to your online company. That’s how precise this targeting is. In fact, you can even use it to target people based on the weather. 

Return on Investment you can Track 

If you’re like most of our clients, you’ve probably tried other kinds of advertisements before you came to us. Maybe you put ads in the newspaper, or perhaps you’ve run some kind of radio or television ad. Those can be highly effective ways of marketing, but you can’t exactly track how many customers they’ve brought in. Sure, someone could say “hey, I heard about you on the TV” but that’s not exactly hard, scientific data. These ads, however, make that kind of tracking possible. 

With these ads, you’ll know exactly how many people saw them, and then clicked on your site. You can then use that data to find out how many sales it converted. That way, you can see what’s working fantastically so that it doesn’t change. By that same token, you can see what could use some improvement, and then deal with it accordingly. This kind of transparency makes it possible to continually improve your ads until they’re all working as you want, driving your business to another level. 

The return on investment with these ads is unlike anything else in advertising. Studies have shown that, for every dollar a company spends on these ads, they tend to make back an average of two dollars in revenue. Think about that. There’s no other advertising platform that essentially doubles your investment. Of course, for you to get that kind of return, you need ads that have been put together by the professionals. That’s where we come in. 

Certified Google Partner

We’re a Certified Google Partner, which means that Google has shown us how everything works. So, we can put that knowledge to work for you. We know what Google wants and, just as importantly, what they don’t. This means we can save you money when these ads. Instead of just throwing money at them, hoping that something sticks, we can optimize your conversion rate. That way, you can reduce costs overall. 

For more than twelve years, we’ve been assisting companies with these kinds of ads. In that time, we’ve helped companies to reach levels of conversions and increases in revenue that would’ve seemed impossible just a brief period of time ago. We do this by merging our knowledge of how these ads work with our clients’ knowledge of their companies. 

You know what’s best about your company. You know how you want your company to be seen online by those who may be interested in the services that you offer. So, when you sit down with us to go over your ad strategy, that’s what we incorporate into your ads. We make sure that your ads get in front of as many people as possible for as little money as possible, yes, but we also make sure that your company is seen exactly how you want it to be seen. 

See, these ads are just one part of our overall online marketing strategy. Instead of just focusing on one thing, we make sure to focus on everything. When merged with our SEO, website design, online reputation management and more, we’re able to craft an entire online strategy for your company that makes it look exactly how you want it to look. You’ll be able to climb search engine rankings. Moreover, you’ll be able to climb search engine rankings on your own terms. When you’re ready to get started with these ads, message us through this site or call us at . 

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