Velocity Tech Solutions brings modern web processes and technologies to the automotive industry. What started out as a passion to build a better wheel visualization tool in 2014 has grown to bring a full suite of digital marketing and data integrations that help our clients adapt quicker to the ever-changing marketplace that is today’s customers.

How We Got Here

It Started with Imagery
It all started with the notion that people are more likely to purchase wheels when they can get a good preview of what they would look like first on their vehicle.

This was not a new idea – as there have been several companies that already offered this. However, they either had poor imagery with incorrect paint colors, or they had implementation limitations that were not flexible enough to adapt to different retailer needs.
The Building Blocks are Set
Knowing our strong suit was in the development of a wheel visualizer, we sought to partner with data services to power our visualization engine. Our requirements: It had to be normalized data the entire industry could use and be familiar with. It had to be able to grow and support more than just wheels, plus provide quality imagery of the products. Sounds simple enough, right?

Turns out, it wasn’t. As we delved further, we realized that the data sources themselves were also limited in what they provided, and none could really deliver on all three counts. So, we decided to start creating our own data engine that could grow with our needs and provide the information required.
Wheel Studio is Released
We finally had the pieces in place – a strong, normalized data center with a good library of vehicle and wheel imagery all packaged in a lightweight, easy to implement and highly customizable configurator. We then partnered with several companies on both sides of the spectrum – wheel manufacturers and wheel retailers – to finalize and tighten up the system.
Expanding into Website Design
As it so happened, many of our clients started to complain that while they wanted to use our Wheel Studio, the website system they were using would not allow them to make changes to it.

Once again, we took the effort up ourselves. We started with the world’s most popular CMS – WordPress – and began customizing it to make it easier and quicker to design, deploy and integrate with our Wheel Studio. This became to be known as our Xpress Site.

Expanding into the Customer Pipeline
As we got to know our clients better, we learned that many of them had foundational difficulties with managing their customer pipeline and did not want to spend tens of thousands of dollars on traditional CRM system.

We then developed our own CRM system that, again, focused on flexibility to adapt to any business needs. This became our Xpress CRM, which is a stand-alone, yet highly adaptable CRM custom-built for each customer’s specific demands.
A Continuously Expanding Vision
Looking for an even more complete solution for our clients, we realized we had the expertise to create a truly one-stop-shop for all automotive retailers and aftermarket manufacturers.

We are now excited to announce the entire suite of all our services under one umbrella– from social media, marketing and SEO, to CRM, bid data management, and of course, our Wheel Studio that started it all.

If your sales are not where you would like them to be, give us a call to find out how we can help you increase your profits today!
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