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Website Freedom

In our continual effort to serve the industry and provide solutions that help the retailers on the ground, we kept running into a very similar complaint over and over again. That they had a website, but it was too difficult, or even impossible to change; it couldn’t expand; and it lacked any true uniqueness or competitive advantage.

There was a time that it was enough to have a website – an online brochure, if you will. But today, it is not enough to simply have a site – you need a web presence to stand apart from the competition.  A web presence is not just a website anymore, you need a “Presence” which has become the inclusion of FaceBook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, SnapChat, Twitter, and the list goes on, it is called Social Media. Now that you’re here, you figure you might as well maximize your effort and sell online also.

In short, we learned that retailers and distributors wanted a better way to establish and maintain their web presence that is simple, easy to use, and cost effective that will grow with their business.

So, we listened. Then we sat down with our team and created xPress Site with the following key objectives:

  • Quick launch time – we wanted it to be able to be live in under a week, if not a single day. This would not only reduce costs, but provide immediate results.
  • Allow client to have full editing control over their site. Not just their content, but the menus, the design, everything. All while not having a web developer full-time on staff or knowing what a <DIV> was.
  • Be able to expand to grow the site to whatever it needed to be – with, or without Velocity Tech’s involvement.
  • Of course, it had to be responsive, work on mobile environments and integrate cleanly with social media.
  • Be fully integrated with Velocity Techs products, like the Wheel Studio, as well as other industry-leading tire data widgets


WordPress Wrapper, Velocity Tech Engine

To accomplish this, we took a different approach from the current state of the industry. Instead of building our own CMS platform that was cumbersome and difficult to edit, we decided to start with the world’s most popular CMS – WordPress – and integrate our system fully with that. This way, anyone could start with a fully operations site within hours, AND have the ability to change text, menus, add pages, change design with child themes, expand with our own custom plugins as well as currently available plugins.

But, this is more than a simple WordPress site. WordPress just serves as the front-end interface to our infrastructure. This allows us to give the tools and specific features the industry wants, all under the familiar WordPress editing admin that so many people are used to.

xPress Site Features

  • Pre-built site, complete with content and Car Care Tips.
  • True WYSIWYG editor that allows you to edit content right on the page.
  • Pre-setup Wheel page with the Velocity Tech Wheel Studio already setup and working
  • Pre-setup Tire page, with your option of tire data providers
  • Social Media integration
  • Store Locator (optional)
  • Quote Request Form, with the ability to process credit card transactions (via Authorize.Net, PayPal, or Stripe)
  • Contact Form
  • Vehicle Gallery that is as easy to manage as dropping images into specific folders.
  • Blog (optional)
  • Xpress CRM (optional w/additional monthly fee)

Check out Our Demo Site

Demo site with "out of the box" template


This is perhaps the best part. All of this functionality and flexibility can be had for the following:

Setup*: $750
Monthly: $425  

* Please note, we will create the entire site on our servers before charging any setup fees. Simply send us the following:

  • logo
  • color scheme
  • phone number
  • main address and other locations (if you want a store locator)

Once we get this information, we will create the site for you., If you like it, you pay the setup fee to transfer the site to your own domain and we will provide login information to let you start to edit your site immediately.

Pricing Includes

This pricing includes all the primary functions listed above. Additional, third-party resources incorporated may require an account with the third party.

Additional add-ons and custom design will be in addition to the prices listed here.


Support for transferring the site to your domain and access into your site is included. We will also give you initial consultation into your admin and how to accomplish certain basic tasks. Customization, and troubleshooting someone else's edits to the basic site may incur an additional fee. In short, we will support all our work, but only our work, for the posted price.