Wheel Studio

Listening Brings Insight

After countless meetings with clients and carefully listening to their complaints and discontentment, we came to the following conclusions:

  • Manufacturers weren’t happy that they couldn’t control their fitments on their retailer’s websites.
  • Retailers weren’t happy that they couldn’t really control and properly integrate a visualizer into their current website.
  • Neither retailers, nor manufacturers really understood if their websites were effective at all, and what the customers were really looking for.

The main problem stemmed from the fractionalized state of the industry:

  • There were standards that weren’t being followed.
  • Third party data sources didn’t work well with other data sources.
  • Visualizer products worked only in limited environments.
  • Data solutions that didn’t have a visualization component weren’t compelling
    to the end customer.

We took in all this feedback and set out key objectives for the application. To be truly unique and address the needs of both manufacturers and retailers, we focused on the several features of the system:

  • Work with virtually any data source and any company – manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and data providers.
  • Give wheel manufacturers more control over their fitments across the retail network.
  • Normalize data to utilize the ACES/AAIA vehicle definition standard the way it was meant to be used.
  • Build off a modern, modular and fully configurable platform that can be integrated into a wide range of website environments in a wide range of configurations.
  • Allow the end customers to utilize their own photos to further capitalize on the emotional buying experience and drive impulse.

Velocity Tech ventured to create a solution that addressed all of these objectives.  What resulted is the well-received tool known today as the Velocity Tech Wheel Studio.

Built From the Ground Up

Taking this new, all-encompassing approach, we realized that there was nothing on the market that could accomplish this, and it would take a brand new, ground-up, take-nothing-from-the-past development. Using the latest programming languages and techniques -- that is exactly what we did.

Integration You Control

More than just a widget that seems disconnected from the rest of the site, the Wheel Studio is completely modular, allowing you -- as the site owner -- to have complete control over the different elements of the system (vehicle selector, vehicle image, and product results). You can position these anywhere on your site, and even interact with each element separately. Want to show just the vehicle/wheel preview images in a modal? Easy. Want to use your own vehicle selector, but still have a full-fledged configurator? No problem. Want to just show results and create a brand page showing all wheels for a given brand? Absolutely. This is not a typical widget -- this is a platform that feeds your site content to use as you see fit.


The Wheel Studio includes a functioning token on a primary domain (with unlimited sub-domains) which you are implement on your site as you see fit. It is truly all-inclusive and includes all vehicle imagery, wheel fitments/results, product data, and wheel preview images. Everything you see in the demo above. You just select the wheel brands you want and drop our widget code on your site. The rest is done for you.

Setup: $500
Monthly: $250

 Try it Out For Yourself

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