Product Fitments

Standard Vehicle Definitions Leads to Data Cooperation.

Part of the difficulty when dealing with wheel fitments is everyone seems to want to define vehicles slightly differently. Now there is a standard that is meant to be used to handle this -- ACES/AAIA -- and now we can match any fitment guide to work within the ACES standards. This ensures the most consistent applicability and coverage for North America, Canada, and Mexico.


Manufacturers Have Control.

For too long, manufacturer's haven't had the ability to set their product fitments, and have that propagated onto retailer websites. This turns into confusion, returns and ultimately frustrated end customers. Recognizing this, we work directly with their fitments and integrate them into our main system. This allows all retailers to show the same results, no matter what.

But, we also recognize that manufacturers don't want other manufacturers to see their fitment parameters that make up the fitments. So, we make sure that never happens. All manufacturer variables are hidden to everyone -- including us. All we are concerned with is the fitment results.

And if the manufacturer doesn't have a fitment solution, we can give them a starting point. Our proprietary database consists of over 150,000 vehicles and is comprised of OE wheel and tire application data in addition to OEM optional sizes and aftermarket fitments that incorporate plus-sizing and down-sizing (winter application) attributes. This was developed by our engineers who meticulously evaluate critical factors in determining proper fitment feasibility to ensure the proper fit for purpose objective is achieved.