Insight Through Experience.

In 2014, George Bosy had a vision. Working for one of the largest and most prominent vehicle visualization company in the aftermarket arena, they saw great potential to improve upon the product to better serve their customers’ needs. Displeased with the lack of sophistication, quality, or functionality the current configurators, they wanted to offer something more, something better.

After more than two years of collaboration with industry leaders in the automotive aftermarket arena, their company, Velocity Tech, now offers products that are simply unmatched by any other similar technologies.

With the mission to create tools that change how the industry does business for the better, Velocity Tech aims to bring together data standardization, modern web technologies and high-quality visuals to provide wheel and tire companies powerful and effective tools that greatly improves how they run and grow their businesses.

Now, Velocity offers multiple solutions to streamline business process and help customers attract more business by giving them the freedom to control their data, products, content, CRM and ERP -- all in one solution.


Listening Brings Knowledge.

Velocity Tech is the result of taking years of listening to customers -- both manufacturers and retailers alike -- and coming up with a better way to solve those problems. Unrestrained by an existing platform or old technology, we were able to use the most modern languages, tools, and techniques to build a truly modern solution.

Then, we set out to bring together the best people in the industry to turn the vision into reality. The best designers, programmers, expert wheel designers/engineers, and industry consultants all brought their extensive experience together to build something truly new and ground-breaking.

Today, we have an extensive range of products for the wheel and tire industry.

  • Wheel Studio
    Fully modular, modern wheel visualizer you can customize to your exact needs. High-quality studio imagery, or let customer's upload their own images to visualize your products on their vehicle. Easily build your own visualizer with your own product results, or use ours. 
  • Wheel Builder
    For the custom forged crowd, the Wheel Builder let's customer paint the wheels and view them on the vehicles. This can be used by itself, or in the Wheel Studio itself.
  • XPress Site
    Get a customizable web site up-and-running within a day. And have full-control over it's content. Or take it further and let us design a custom website for you. And you still get to keep full-control over your content to add and edit as many pages you you see fit.
  • XPress CRM
    Take control of you business with our CRM. Setup your company and control your leads and opportunities.
  • Product Fitments
    Since fitment guides are prone to errors and inconsistencies between manufacturers, we don't offer a fitment guide. We offer fitment results. This let's the manufacturers in our system control their own fitments across our entire network, in real-time. So, the manufacturers get control, and the retailers get accurate fitments. It's a win-win for everyone.